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The application of copper & magnetism can improve bee hive health.


A Parisian beekeeper accidentally discovered that the use of magnets saved his bees. He testified that he tested magnets on over fifty beehives and it doubled the honey production for each beehive and the bees are healthy and in excellent health.

You just need to put two magnets on your beehive in a certain way. You put one magnet (north or south pole) facing the hive positioned mid height of the outside wall. And the other magnet with opposite pole facing the hive also attached at mid height. The outcome will be healthier bees and a healthier and more productive hive.

Copper wire at the entrance

When bees walk over the copper wire they pick up copper ions from it. The parasites don't like copper and keep away!

Place our Electrocurrent Bee Hive Rod at the entrance of your hive!

Electroculture Bee Hive Rod

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