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Full Story Reshared From Facebook:

God Provides At The Curbside

…And Sometime The Provisions Chase You Down And Come Straight To Your Door.

For those of you who know me - KNOW that my favorite time of year is Milford Bulk Trash. Twice a year people put random household items outside of their homes for pickup, and you can find the most amazing items to upcycle, repurpose and give New Life to.

Well, I have been wanting to put landscaping stones around the barn and pond for the longest time. Last week I went to my cousins house to check out her stone landscaping and thought I would love to do it, but I would need a ton of stone and it would cost a fortune.

Today a random man came to the farm and said he was in the area doing a job and they have all this smooth river rock and wanted to know if we needed it for free. I was like free, and he said yes - could they bring it here. I said sure!

Tonight, they dumped one load and tomorrow they will dump another one.

God provides at the curbside and sometimes blessings chase you down.

These smooth river stones also spoke to my heart.

They reminded me of the story of David - how he took down a giant with a rock. It is written that he reached into a river and chose 5 smooth stones.

I started looking at the pile of river stones and thought - woah that can take out alot of giants.

Today, giants can be any type of challenge or obstacle in our lives. A problem that seems overwhelming, a blockage that you can’t seem to get through. A giant can be an illness, financial troubles, emotional pain- giants can present themselves in many different ways.

What we need to bring down those giant are stones of 1) Faith; (2) Trust; (3) Courage; (4) Obedience; and (5) Praise.

Mountains are Still Being Moved

Strongholds are Still Being Loosed

Giants are Still Being Slayed

Have Faith. Find Hope. Keep Believing.

Slay your giants.


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